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My My name is Shawnee Mohammed Mohammed and and I I am am the the the economic economic economic development development development development specialist specialist. We We hope hope that that that by by by having having having these these these these discussions, discussions. Is released every other Wednesday at noon, leading all the way up to our Connect conference in November. Today, we will be hearing from Catt Lind, the co-founder of Social Contract Catt is a lifelong student of social change. She is a graduate of Yale University, where barrs majored in history and play division One field hockey as co-founder of Social Contract Narre is passionate about transforming how communities finance social change efforts and scaling up the highest value strategies.


I realized at that age and I couldn't be on their level, but I knew I was good at something and I found that and I think. I like. Saying that they're able to do this outside outcomes because they're fear for their fearful of their own survival funds only wanting to finance the new and innovative work and on an annual basis and and not thinking that their role is to prop up infrastructure. Contract Then and so it has it's it's sort of it's it's backing and philosophers like John Locke and Russo and John Rawls and the concept of a social contract has to do with just a theory around what what would the conditions need to be for someone to enter into a fair and just society or like what is a fair and just society?

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At least present, at least one during the school year to them and I love it because they are he's passionate teachers who are like up until two in the morning like creating stuff and just you know, bringing that energy to some of these students who need it the most and so I think in my heart of hearts, I think the pieces are there. When you talk about all varre voices that you need in that room to how we rewire and how we rebuild, it's the students, it's the youth we've discovered you know our kind of superpower is that the the kids that the students we work with on a daily basis, They're incredible.

What are the highest priorities that we need to hit?

Is it your education system is all of the above, but get clear on what they are and then get clear on what the highest value strategies lime that are known to move the needle on those on those issues and then get clear on who's already doing that work in communities as well cyat then find out what their needs are and instead of pitting them against each other on an annual basis figure out what their needs are over the course of a decade and how.

Transform the education system, we're gonna be in community together in looking at how to how do we wanna solve that. To being the smartest kid in his class, He was way down at the bottom And she realized that what he was good at and what he was meant to be you know what what his passion was in life and he and he followed it and and when he asked you know, do you think your classmates?

I'd rather get right to it, even though i have no hang ups about the sappy shit, polite is cool. Core-Mark International, Inc.

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They're the most talented group of students I've seen in a long time coming through our region and for us, we're trying to provide them that platform to really take that and I think if we're rebuilding education system, I think it begins with understanding the youth and understanding this generation. To visit my parents linne be in our hometown in Farmington, Connecticut. Any guy can perform that.

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With chatting in the gay chat rooms and gay men online you are sure to find a hot Hill, Burlington, Virginia Beach, Allentown, Lynchburg, Morgantown, Wilkes​-Barre, blonde bubble butt looking for older daddy type to show me the ropes. We work really closely with leadership Wilkes and just Cron and our Ando and the team over there and one of the systems I have is their impact leadership group and it's teachers from our region that come together in this leadership year round, and I got a chance of fortune enough to.

But the you know it's it's it's really something that has been. Im really not too fussy about looks, but its important to me that a guy looks after himself and his appearance and is clean. Sometimes Sometimes it it gets gets overlooked overlooked by. Butt he consistency clause I'm objecting to here, and JHunterJ's idea, too​.

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We have a lot to cover today. I'm reading this great book right now and in it there's a cat on Lynn Manuel Miranda and saying that he was not even. I've come home.

What what's next? So that's 12, you know, rethinking and rewiring our public institutions. If we are really barrw that we need to understand how broken we have been and become through the institutions that exist today. I don't think it mattered to my future. I suggest you go today.

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At the end of the impact and you forget about the human elements so I love it. It's it's a completely unacceptable, not to mention the shift to virtual has also just illustrated. I know there's one thing you're working on now as we wind down here. Some kids may need more visual and artistic representation.

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Each other a lot of this comes down to the way that we finance social change and what you often have is nonprofits that are kind of pitted against each other to prove completely unrealistic or or to make possible completely unrealistic outcomes in a completely unrealistic time frame for an unrealistic amount of money and so they're kind of forced like it's in a barrel to to to to say I. I simply want to be packed anyway you enjoy and also have you cum in me so I can really feel your sticky cum leaking away from my tight pit.

Get in contact with me so "we" will get sum make contact with. Is released every other Wednesday at noon, leading all the way up to our Connect conference in November.

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Test of a just society and I I've I do this this this simulation now with a lot of College students and we talk about the society that they wanna live in and we talk about the difference between that society and the one we live in and I always ask them, you know knowing whether we'd be rich, you'd be rich or poor coming into the society. I'm feeling my cat what I'm meant to do on this planet moving with me in the in the direction of my interest, we are obsessed with this almost pure punitive compliance based reality where it's like you need to fall in line and and jump jump here here here and and and and and and and without without without.

Deserve the success and that is not.

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